Future Modifications

This will be my research page, where I will insti, err, investigate my future modifications.
Here's another one....
Disclaimer: This is research done by myself and contains my opinions. I am not responsible for any information that may be in error, or how you use this information. If you do use this (mis)information, please double check with the vendors to make sure it is correct.

Check out my MODS page for my current list of mods.

What's on deck?
Aftermarket Engine Management System, probably Haltech E6K or Autronic SM2

I need a new bumper. Probably go with a modified S4 bumper, and side skirts to match.

Some S4 Aluminum trim will eventually make it into the car (one of these days)

I think I'm *gasp* done with the suspension for now

For the fronts I am thinking about the upgrade from
StopTech and A8 upgrade for the rear.

Front: StopTech
- 2 piece 332mm x 32mm slotted or drilled rotors
- 4-piston calipers (red or black)
- Stainless brake lines
- Hawk HPS or AXXIS Ultimate brake pads
This requires at least 17" rims.
Cost: $1995
Rear: A8 upgrade
- 269mm x 20mm rotors (approx $200)
- S4 rear calipers (approx $460)
- A8 caliper brackets (approx $230)
This probably requires at least 16" rims.
Cost: $890 (approx)

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