Driving Logs

April 2001 Lost second gear. This car is no fun to drive anymore except on the freeway. Probably won't be an update for a LONG time.
March 2001 Got my first ticket with this car, and the first in over 3 years. 76 in a 70. Complete BS (aren't they all though?)
February 11, 2001 Drove back home from APR, 830 miles, 11.25 hours, 26 mpg avg, 76 mph avg, # of cops seen: 23
February 9, 2001 Drove down to APR (Auburn, AL), 835 miles, 12 hours, 24 mpg avg,74 mph avg, # of cops seen: 25
January 09, 2001 It's been a while since I've wrote anything here, but it's been pretty uneventful with all this snow around.
November 23, 2000 I got pulled over today. It was dark, and there was one car coming. I pulled out of a gas station and floored it. The cop pulled me over because he was doing 60 (speed limit was 50) and I was pulling away. In the spirit of thanksgiving, he let me off. Now I have another thing to be thankful for :)
November 18, 2000 Well, the forecast is calling for snow. Put my snow tires on the car. Good thing too, as we had close to 5 inches of snow fall. Let's hear it for Quattro! Yeah!
November 14, 2000 I get my Bentley CD, and troubleshot the Barometric Sensor. Turns out it was a bad connection. Booyah! I now get full boost and no more stumbles. Hopefully, this is a permanent fix.
November 09, 2000 The problem comes back. I do some more checking and find that the O2 sensor drops to around 0.1V - way lean. Everything else is OK.
November 07, 2000 I receive my VAG-COM and run some tests and do a throttle adaptation. The problem goes away. Finally!
November 04, 2000 Perform the 52500 mile service at 51600 miles. Now all I have to do is get rid of that damn "Oil" service indicator
October 31, 2000 In an attempt to diagnose my problem with my car, I change the plugs and clean the air filter. No change.
October 29, 2000 On the way to Detroit, I have a brief "encounter" with a white Mustang. He was behind me at a light. I took off, and he pulled along side to pass, slowed down, looked at me, and pulled away like I was standing still.
Damn, I think. Then I notice 5 letters: C O B R A, and I don't feel so bad.
Looks like it's time for a K04 soon :)
Of course, if my car was running right, I could beat him. Yeah, easily :)
October 28, 2000 I first notice a problem with the car.
Problem: When the car is warmed up, If I take off in 1st gear, full throttle, as soon as 7 psi of boost builds up (about 3000 RPM) it feels like the ignition cuts out, then on, then off, then on, then off, etc. If I short shift into 2nd, as soon as 7-8 psi builds, it does it again. Also when driving on the highway in 5th, and I floor it, it happens also, just not as violent
October 28, 2000 Drove 3 hours to Chicago to pick up my car.
Initial Info:
- 1997 Audi A4 TQMS
- TAP Stage II kit
- 50902 miles

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