My 1997 Audi A4

The 411
Standard equipment includes:
- 1.8 liter 150 hp Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine
- 5-Speed Manual Transmission
- Anthracite Interior

It came with the following options:
- Cool Shades Color: Brilliant Yellow
- All Weather Package
- Glass Sunroof / Remote Locking Package
- Sport Package
- "Quattro IV" All-Wheel-Drive System
- Trip Computer

Here is the history as guessed from the service records:
The car was originally sold in California on July 4, 1997 to the first owner from Diablo Audi.
It was sold to the second owner late August 1998, also in California. This is the owner that had most of the modifications done.
The third owner bought it sometime around October 1999, and drove it from California back to Colorado. This is the owner that installed the white face gauges and boost gauge
He then moved to Chicago sometime around August/September 2000, where it takes 20-30 minutes to find a parking spot, and you really don't need a car at all. This was his reasoning for selling it.
I purchased my A4 on October 28, 2000 in Chicago. I am the fourth owner. I still don't see how the others could have given it up. Oh well, thier loss is my gain:)
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